Company Profile

SPOTY Enterprise Co., Ltd., established in 1989, is a professional manufacturer specializing in the design and production of hand tool bags, 3C product storage bags, biotech product zipper pouches, and other multifunctional tool bag products. With over forty years of experience in bag design and manufacturing, we serve clients worldwide. Not only do we collaborate with renowned professional tool manufacturers to develop tool bag solutions tailored to our clients' needs, but we also provide expert advice to design products that best meet their requirements. We have been honored with design awards for our products and have obtained ISO 9001 certification and TÜV certification from Germany.

Corporate Vision
(1) To become the leading professional bag manufacturer in the Asia-Pacific region.
(2) Own Brand: Based in Taiwan, Expanding into the Asia-Pacific Market.

Corporate Mission
"Creating products that best meet users' needs" is our mission!

The primary customer base of our company:
Including hardware tool industries, electronic product manufacturers, well-known DIY chains abroad, biotech companies, world-renowned hand tool manufacturers, gift manufacturers, and more.

Company Mission

People-oriented, applying knowledge to practice, teamwork, and active innovation.

■ Talent
. Based on the principle that "talent is the most valuable asset of the enterprise," we aim to create an excellent environment that attracts, molds, and retains talent, fostering a positive atmosphere for work and learning.

■ Collaboration
. Team spirit is the core of corporate culture.
. With unified hearts, mountains can be moved. Only an excellent team can cultivate diligence, integrity, unity, efficiency, and self-discipline.
. Outstanding individuals shine through excellent teamwork, and harmonious development of the environment is the foundation of the company's long-term prosperity.

■ Innovation
. Dare to innovate, excel in innovation, and seek development through innovation.
. Constantly seek better solutions in methods, approaches, and content, pursue excellence, and strive for higher levels of achievement.
. Continuously stimulate individual creativity, improve innovation mechanisms, innovate with comprehensive technical, managerial, and operational models, and drive the company's continuous growth.

Company Organization

Brand Introduction

【一番I CHIBAN】 一級棒!!的意思。代表工具袋的高品質,高機能性。

有鑑於國內DIY風氣興起與工程專業人員使用上的需求,公司決定創立”一番”這個品牌,讓DIY族群與工程專業人員, 能夠依其使用上的需求挑選最適用的工具袋類產品,藉由”一番”多元的工具袋類產品設計,讓消費者對工具袋的選擇將不再是一成不變, 也是展現個性化與專業化的最佳選擇。

【一番I CHIBAN】 It means “Excellent” in Japanese.
Represent the high quality and the multi-functional for our tool bags.

Due to the rise of the domestic DIY atmosphere and the needs of professional technicians, we create this brand-“I CHIBAN”. Consumers can choose the most suitable tool bag according to their needs. With a variety of tool bag’ designs, the choice of the tool bags will no longer be the same, but also the best to show personalization and professionalism.


在還沒創立Daisuki品牌前,公司在過去主要是專注於寵物袋產品的代工,累積了豐富的代工經驗並學習寵物相關的產品開發, Daisuki於2007年首度於日本曝光,產品的設計考量到使用者與我們寵物寶貝使用時的舒適性、安全性考量,讓Daisuki在日本展覽就有不錯的成績, 進而在2008年開始積極在日本推廣,於2009年3月正式在台灣銷售,介紹給台灣的消費者。

【Daisuki】It means “like very much” in Japanese.

Before launched “Daisuki”, we focused on OEM for the pet bags to accumulated the experience and learned the developing for the pet products. 2007, the first time we exposed “Daisuki” in Japan. The design of the products takes into account the comfort and safety for users and pets. Actively promoted in Japan in 2008, launched and sold in Taiwan in 2009.

Company History